Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Join me in a 29 day photo challenge.  Each day I will post my photo's and at the end of it all it will all be in photo journal.  Looking forward to seeing your photos.

Here is the list:
1. Your view this morning
2. Time
3. Something that makes you happy
4. Where you work
5. Heart
6. A photo of you
7. Handwriting
8. Your front door
9. Sunshine
10. Something you ate
11. Your happy place
12. Your pet (s)
13. Night shot
14. Flowers
15. What you ate this morning
16. Children
17. Trees
18. A friend
19. A stranger
20. Self portrait
21. What you see on the way to work
22. The moon
23. Love of your life
24. Clouds
25. Water
26. What inspires you
27. Book you are reading
28. Your favourite colour
29. Something you never want to forget

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