Thursday, September 11, 2014



KaiserCraft Base Coat range was the perfect background to showcase these pictures of the three Lisas.
Lisa Cupcake (aka Cunningham) had to have a foot operation, so Lisa Scrapbook (aka Myburgh) thought it was a good idea to take some before photos, and true to nature in a perfectly styled manner.
Lisa The Quiet One (aka Livie) joined in the fun and helped to take the photographs and aptly named the occasion 'Mind the Gap'!  as in the gap between Lisa Cupcake's toes that had to be repaired under anaesthetic.
Needless to say we all laughed until our stomach's hurt (and that was before the days of pilates!) so it had to be the result of us being silly.
The layout is entitled CELEBRATE THE MOMENTS OF YOUR LIFE, even if the circumstances are PRE-OP!!

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