Monday, April 2, 2012


Many would think what a crazy statement or question.  I am one person in a world of billions of people, with authorities and governments, that make things impossible for one person to change.  

Everyone has the power to make a change and it can start with you by 'ACTS OF RANDOM KINDNESS'.

I entered a design competition for Enmarc Crafts and was inspired by the photographs that I had taken of a little kitten about 3 years ago, that was found by some school children, who found it trapped under some rubble.  That very day the kitten got a loving home and it's little world was changed forever.

The Basic Grey Plumeria range of paper and Enmarc Crafts swirls were used for this layout.


  1. Who could resist such a cute kitten and once again Lisa you made a change in an animal's life. We know you love all lonely and stray furry and non-furry(don't forget the ants!)creatures and you have a rare gift because they love you too. Of course you make a difference in our lives too and thank you for sharing your awesome ideas with us so freely!

  2. Aaaah thank you Lisa. I am so incredibly blessed to be where I am and to have met and to be able to share with all you wonderful people.